Eat at The Best Mexican Restaurant in the World!

Do you know? I have felt in love with Mexican Cuisines since I was ten years old. Even, I am not the Mexican Residence or even have ever visited that country. I just stay in California, the United States. But, do you know? My house is located just around ten steps into Chipotle Restaurant that is located in 1840 Herndon Ave, Clovis, CA 93611. So, you can imagine that I have been experienced to eat at that place and it was the reason why I love this kind of meal so much. Actually, I have ever visited almost all Mexican Restaurant in my states. And honestly, all of the meals are awesome. Of course, it is because I am basically falling in love with all kind of Mexican meals.

But, do you know? Only one Mexican Restaurant that makes me coming back again and again. And, that is Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurant. I can say that it is such as my close neighbor as it has accompanied me for a couple of years. So, Guys! This day, I dedicate myself to tell you about Chipotle and give you the special details about this restaurant. Somehow, it can be your references to choose the place for your lunch, dinner or even any special moments. For your information, Chipotle Catering Services is great because it is delicious, fast, beautiful appearances and also affordable. So, please stay tuned and enjoy it!

The Overview of Chipotle

Alright, the main thing that you need to know is about the general overview about this restaurant. Just so you know, it is the kind of American Chain of Fast Casual Restaurant. It has operated the store in almost 50 states of the US, in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France and Mexico as well. It was founded on July 13, 1993 in Denver, Colorado, the United States. The founder is Steve Ells and now it is mainly held by Brian Niccol as the CEO since March 5, 2018. The headquarter office is located in Newport Beach, California while this office serves any occupations related with the Franchising System, Corporate News Media, and the mainly operation system.

In line with the name, Chipotle comes from the word Nahuatl name which it means as Smoked and dried Jalapeno Chili Pepper. In general, this restaurant serves the various Tacos and Mission-Style Burritos Recipes. This restaurant becomes one of the successful Mexican Grill Restaurants in the United States and even in the world. It has operated in over than 2,250 locations and worked with more than 64,570 people on those locations and head office. Indeed, it has some subsidiaries such as Pizzeria Locale, ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, and Tasty Made. In the last 2016, it keeps the total assets into US$2.026 Billion even it is increase regularly in every year.

What makes me Love Chipotle?

Well, there are some reasons why I love this restaurant so much. I have listed this reason because I have compared it with for over than 20 Chipotle Locations in the United States and also with the other Mexican Grill Restaurant in my country. Even you don’t agree with it, I am very appreciated if you share your point of views or even your personal experience by leaving the comments below on this page. And Anyway, here the reasons why I love this restaurant so much, those are:

  • The Friendly Services

First of all, you have to believe in that the great service is the main reason why the customers prefer to return. Even you serve the most delicious products or meals but you don’t give attention with how the employee serves the customers, it will not make any senses. Then, Chipotle Employee Services are perfectly awesome. All of staffs are friendly, fast, helpful and treat me like we are a sister or brother. Even I don’t know about some new recipes, they will never argue to explain it to me. Indeed, when I am on my dieting progam then I request for some kind of food production, they are welcomed me and give me what I want. It was awesome!

  • Delicious Meals

Of course, the second reason comes from the meal’s quality. Once I taste Chipotle Burrito, I feel like my soul melting and it is the great meal ever, I think. Even, all of the Chipotle Meals are delicious, fresh ingredients, clean production and interesting appearances as well.

  • Clean Store

After that, you can find the Chipotle Restaurants are clean. The employees are ready and fast to clean the rubbish or even clean all spots in the restaurant. You can find all of sides of the store are clean, fragrant, and fresh as well. Just so you know, some locations may offer you two kinds of seat. It is indoor and outdoor. Of course, when you cannot smell the smoke, you can choose the indoor seat to get the fresh AC without any smokes. But, when you need to get the fresh air while looking around outside the restaurant, the outdoor services can be a good solution.

  • The Various Hours of Operation

For me, Chipotle Hours of Operation is awesome. When I live alone then I don’t have the enough time to cook for my breakfast or lunch, Chipotle Restaurant serves me the great breakfast menu. Just so you know, it usually starts the operation from the breakfast hours and close it until the Midnight. Furthermore, some locations can open it for 24 hours of operation. It was awesome.

  • Affordable Price

And then, almost all of Chipotle Menu is served with the fresh ingredients without any addictive ingredients. So, it is healthy. In my opinion, the price will be very reasonable with the meals as you can get the nutritional benefits in each meals. It will be worth. To get the lists of Chipotle Menu and Prices, you can visit its official website at or even install its mobile applications from Google Play Store or App Store.

  • Fast-Response

For the rest, Chipotle Teams will respond to every complaint, suggestions or even the customer’s reviews. Even you get the bad services, you have no longer worries to share it to them and they will directly give its response and revision. Indeed, you can take part in Chipotle Survey and win the instant reward involved. To get the survey guidelines, you can visit My Subway Card Portal as it is the awesome customer survey website.

So, Guys! It is about my best Mexican Restaurant in the United States. If you have the other point of view, please share it below this page. See you!

Practical Tips for Dining in Fancy Restaurants

Have you ever attended an event at a fancy restaurant? If you’ve ever eaten in a fancy restaurant, maybe you have knowledge about the ethics of eating. Luxury restaurants are identic with an elegant room design. Then you will get excellent service from employees. There you can feel the formal and magnificent atmosphere. Usually, a luxury restaurant is a destination when you want to communicate with your family. The following are some suitable events held in a fancy restaurant.

  1. Wedding Party. Here they can hold a standing party. Thus you should not look for a chair. Adjust yourself to other invited guests.
  2. Family Gathering Company. This event is usually limited to company employees and sponsors. This event has a formal theme.
  3. Strengthen communication with family and business partners. Mealtime is a good moment to communicate with your family or colleagues. because when they enjoy the food they will be more relaxed. The food can make the mood of your family members and friends better.

The atmosphere and way of communicating in fancy restaurants are different from those in fast food restaurants or cafes. Here you need to pay attention to your ethics. If you have never eaten in a fancy restaurant, you should read our tips. So you can avoid mistakes that make you embarrassed. Eat in a fancy restaurant, who’s afraid!

Tips for the successful fancy dining

If you want to eat in a fancy restaurant, find out what you have to do. Because this restaurant has a different concept than other eating places. Usually, you can immediately order menus when visiting. But in fancy restaurants, they have a different system. You need to pay attention to ethics when eating and how to order menus etc. If you have good knowledge, then you can avoid mistakes. Here are some tips that can help you eat comfortably in a fancy restaurant.

  1. You need to find out about the restaurants you will visit. Here you can do a simple search through their website. Take advantage of Google or Mozilla’s information search software. Next, you need to enter a keyword in the form of a restaurant name. The information you need to know is about their concept and menus. Then find out about the menu you want to order. It’s better if you already know the price of these foods. Finally, you need to know the working hours at the restaurant.
  2. Make a reservation at the restaurant you want to visit. Luxury restaurants pay attention to consumer comfort. Usually, they limit the number of visitors to maintain comfort while enjoying a meal. Remember, on special moments like the new year, maybe the restaurant accepts many reservations. So you need to make a reservation in the previous month.
  3. Use the right dress code. When you have dinner at a fancy restaurant, wear formal or semi-formal clothes. Examples of formal attire for women are dresses. While formal wear for men is a suit or formal shirt.
  4. You must arrive on time. Previously we explained that you need to make a reservation. When you make a reservation you must specify the date and time of arrival at the restaurant. If you arrive late, usually the restaurant can cancel your order. Of course, you don’t want to experience this disappointment. But there are ways to avoid this incident. You can contact the restaurant in advance about your delay.
  5. Next, you need to confirm at the reception desk when you arrive at the restaurant. then they will ask for the name of your order. Furthermore, the clerk will show the table that you ordered.
  6. Be relaxed and don’t get tense. Maybe this is your first experience visiting a fancy restaurant. But you should remain relaxed and calm. At a glance, you can observe people around you. Pay attention to your sitting position while in the restaurant. So you have to sit upright. You must not bend to the dining table or raise your feet.
  7. Take a napkin on the table and place the napkin on your lap. So you will see napkins on your dining table. Usually, the waiter will help you put the napkin on your lap. If you feel uncomfortable, you can do it yourself.
  8. You need to order the Appetizer, Main Course and Dessert menus. There you can enjoy a full meal. Starting from appetizers that increase your appetite. Then play the course that makes you full. Finally, you can order desserts that can neutralize the taste in your mouth. They will present the menu in sequence and alternately.
  9. Enjoy a complete meal while waiting for your order to be ready. Here you can enjoy bread with butter.
  10. Use cutlery from the outermost position first. Here you need to pay attention to eating ethics. They provide cutlery on your dining table. Use the tool with the outermost position first. Because they provide cutlery according to the order of the dishes you ordered. There are several rules you need to pay attention when eating in the fancy restaurant.
  • You need to talk with the person next to you.
  • Do not make noise while eating. You should not make noise from your eating utensils or mouth. because it can disturb the comfort your eating friend.
  • Don’t tidy up your makeup and hair at the dining table. You need permission to go to the toilet first.
  1. What about when you finish enjoying a meal? Yes right, you need to wave to the waiter. Thus they will bring you proof of transaction. Make a payment according to the amount in the receipt. Then you need to enter the service fee in your payment. Make sure you know the policies in the restaurant.

The above description is a tip that can make it easier for you to eat at a fancy restaurant. If you feel difficult, don’t hesitate to ask for help from the waiter. You don’t need to worry about making mistakes as long as you pay attention to our tips. Enjoy a meal at a fancy restaurant. Find out other interesting tips only at

Taking Part in Customer Survey? See the Benefits

Well guys, have you ever taken a consumer satisfaction survey? You can use this survey to make a profit. The company usually has a survey portal for consumers. So you can do surveys directly or online. Officers can interview you to find out your assessment of their services. Then the company can create a survey system for consumers. First, they made an online survey portal. Second, they distribute survey forms to consumers. This survey can provide benefits to companies and customers. Before taking a survey, you need to find out about your survey needs. Here are the things you need to do before joining a survey.

  1. Find out about instructions for joining a survey. These instructions will guide from the beginning of preparation until the process of answering survey questions.
  2. Increase your knowledge by reading their website.
  3. Prepare survey requirements
  4. Read survey regulations.

The Benefits of Creating Customer Survey

Then the survey results can be used as material to innovate their services. Here are the survey benefits for the company.

  1. They can find out the market conditions of product sales. Then they can make innovations that benefit the market segment. Thus they can increase product sales.
  2. Companies can find out the weaknesses of their services. First, they can find out the product weaknesses. Second, they can find out the weaknesses of employee services. Third, they can find out the shortcomings in the place of sale of products.
  3. Companies get ideas from consumers. When satisfaction surveys, consumers can provide criticism or suggestions to them.
  4. They can find out the cause of losing consumers. On survey portals, companies make questions that can provide information about services. So that they can analyze the loss of consumers based on the survey results.

This survey does not only provide benefits for them. But the survey also benefits you. Here we will share some of the benefits of taking part in a survey.

The Advantages of taking surveys for Customers

The company is committed to prioritizing their customers. However, some of them actually have not the way of knowing the level of customer satisfaction. One way to find out the level of customer satisfaction is through a survey. So they can give survey form at the cashier or reception desk. Or you can do an online survey. Usually, you only need to make a transaction and get a survey code. Isn’t this a fairly easy method? Here are some benefits for you if you are willing to conduct a survey.

  1. You can submit criticism and suggestions to the company.

Well, guys, the first advantage of taking a survey is being able to convey your opinion to them. When shopping, staying at a hotel or visiting a restaurant, you want to get a good experience. But sometimes there are incidents that disturb your comfort as a consumer. So you should report the incident to the leader. You can contact the clerk directly. Then you can take surveys through the online survey portal.

  1. Get discounts to save your budget

Do you want to shop at a cheaper price? The survey can be a solution for you. Usually, restaurants, shops or hotels offer discounts as a reward for you. After joining a survey, you will get a validation code from the survey portal. Next, you need to record the code to make your own coupon. If you want to get a discount, redeem your coupon when visiting a shop or restaurant.

  1. Get a free menu from restaurant surveys.

Wow, who doesn’t like the free items from the restaurant? You can enjoy this interesting offer after taking a survey. If you want free food, of course, you need to take surveys from restaurants. Here they provide a free item if you are willing to give an assessment through a survey. Almost the same as a discount reward, you need to bring your coupon when visiting a restaurant. Unfortunately, you cannot choose the menu you want.

  1. You have the opportunity to win the draw at the end of the survey.

The next advantage is that you can participate in the lottery program. Here they will offer you fantastic prizes. Usually, they give you thousands of gift cards for you. However, you may not exchange gift cards into cash. Remember, you can take part in the draw after completing the survey. There you need to fill in the lottery entry form. You need to prepare information about your name, address, email, and telephone number. The identity works when you win the lottery. Thus they will contact you.

  1. You can enjoy better service.

After you enter your comments, they will try to correct the company’s shortcomings. Thus you will be more comfortable when shopping, enjoying food etc. Some problems that you might experience when getting service.

  • You are not comfortable with the cleanliness conditions in the store.
  • You don’t like the taste and price of food.
  • Employees are not friendly and help you in shops, hotels or restaurants.
  • You experience events that interfere with your happiness.

The following are some follow-up actions for the problem that you submitted through the survey.

  • Problems about the condition of facilities. They will improve the physical condition of the building.
  • The problem about friendliness and service of employees to consumers. Company leaders can give a warning or praise based on your judgment. Then to improve skills, companies can hold training for employees.
  • Problems with how to resolve incidents in- the service area.

The leader can give a warning to employees. Then they will apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced.

We have discussed the benefits of surveys for you. Then you only need to find information about customer satisfaction surveys. So you can search for this information through the data search application. There you can start with shops, hotels or restaurants around you. You can open their official website first. Then visit the reward menu on the website. If you want to read other useful articles, be sure to visit In this website, you will be able to find many articles about customer survey. So, you can decide which survey you will take.


Let’s Go to Pizza Hut!

Hi, Good People! We know that nobody hates pizza. And, to get the most delicious pizza and pasta, Pizza Hut Restaurant is such as a mecca for us. This week, I have recently visited Pizza Hut Outlet and get 2 Large Topping Pizza just around $7.99. I can say that it was my best eatery experiences as I love all of the food and services. Even I got that menu by taking the online order, but I have been well experienced about Pizza Hut Locations, services, the employee attitude as well as the store cleanliness. I think that everything is 99% perfect as all of the spots make me addicted to visit and visit again. Good people, I write on this blog about my whole eatery experiences at Pizza Hut Restaurant. We hope that you enjoy the info and be happy to try a slice of pizza at this chain. So, please keeping on reading and enjoy it!

My General Experiences

So, the first thing that we need to share is about our first time visiting Pizza Hut Chain. That day was Saturday night. I went with four of my friends to get a cozy place to sit, eat and talk. Then, we prefer to choose Pizza Hut Outlet as it is near my college. Like all we know, Pizza Hut Store is fully covered with Red, Black, and White. These color’s combination is very beautiful and elegant as red symbolized as a brave (based on my opinion). Well, we come to a large size restaurant space where there are around twenty people inside. Almost all of the table is located on the in-door location full of Air Conditioner. Then, we chose to sit on the corner near the glass so we can see the outside’s views easily.

My table and car are so comfortable where all of the sides are totally clean. One thing that surprised me is about a waiter who opened the door for us then welcomed us with its bright smile. After that, he led us to sit then give us the menu list’s book. He pleased us to choose the menu and came back after we were ready with the order. Even, one of my friends asked him about some kinds of meals and he explained to us patiently. So, we finally ordered a Supreme Pizza and some drinks. He smiled on us then asked for our pleasure to wait for a while.

With no more than a couple of hours (It was around 20 minutes), I got my order. A big Supreme Pizza and four glasses of soft drinks are surprised us. For your information, this supreme pizza is suitable for a group lunch or family dinner that it can be divided into around eight slices. And then, this large pizza consists of pepperoni, seasoned pork, beef, mushrooms, green bell peppers as well as the red onions. Shortly after getting the meals, we directly enjoy the meals before it got cold.

It did not take a longer time to finish the meals as we totally completed it within 20 minutes only. Even, it was just a pizza topping, but we had been full and satisfied. And then, we paid it with $14.39 for a Supreme Pizza and $1.79 for a bottle of soft drinks. But, Friends! The price may vary in all Pizza Hut Locations. So that’s why we are going to share you to get the specific menu with prices based on the local Pizza Hut near your hometown.

How to Get the Specific Pizza Hut Menu and Prices?

Alright, the basic need that you can do to get the specific menu and prices of a particular restaurant is about to visit its location and make a try for a menu and services. Of course, to know about Pizza Hut Menu and Prices, you have to visit the nearest locations and be experienced with it. Somehow, it is not an easy task for some people. If you are hard to run this action, here some actions that you can do, those are:

  • Open Google or Map

Well, the internet and technology exist to help every single activity you do. Then, when you want to get the nearest Pizza Hut Locations, you can locate Pizza Hut near me on or even You may be easy to get the lists of location by stating your city and state or even give the correct zip codes. Within a second, this feature will show you the lists of nearest PH Locations including the services that you can get.

  • Visit Pizza Hut Official Website

Friends, the official website of PH is accessible at But, each of countries may have its own official website that you can know when you have located one of the specific locations using the store locator device. When you want to do it, you can click on the “Location” menu then give your current location information. The site will locate your position then give you the lists of Pizza Hut Locations.

  • Install the Mobile App

To get closer with the customers, Pizza Hut Official launches a mobile app that is usable for the Android and Apple users. You will be easy to get this app on Google Play Store and App Store and freely accessible for 24/7 of operation. Once you set this app on your smartphone, you will be easy to get the lists of Pizza Hut Menu and the prices and even the nearest locations in your town or states.

  • Follow the Social Media

At last, you can find out Pizza Hut on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Linkedin as well as on the Pinterest.

What do You Know about Pizza Hut?

I know that it may be useless to share you the information about Pizza Hut Profile. Even, it has been popular for all of the people across the world. For me, Pizza Hut Restaurant is best of the best Pizza and Pasta Chain. If you know, this restaurant was founded on June 15, 1958. It was founded by Dan Carney and Frank Carney. At the first time, they built the first store in Wichita, Kansas, the United States. And, that store becomes the masterpiece of the other Pizza Hut Chains. At least, there are over than 16,796 Locations that exists in some countries in the world. Wow!

So, Friends! When you have the same eatery experiences at Pizza Hut like me, you don’t need to hesitate to share that experiences at Tell Pizza Hut Survey. Who knows? You can win a lot of awesome prizes from PH. To get the simple eatery experiences, you need to visit and get the easy survey guides. Happy reading!

Dairy Queen, Recommended Ice Cream

As one of the countries close to the equator line, Indonesia has a hot tropical climate. When it’s hot, what delicious food is it? most dqfansurvey people certainly answer “ice cream”. Now in this beloved Indonesia, there are various brands of ice cream. Those brands ranging from mediocre ones such as Campina, ice cream Walls, ice cream Diamonds, to somewhat premium classes. Those premium classes are like Baskin Robins, ice cream Cold Stone, and Dairy Queen. This time we will discuss about Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant because Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant is often seen in many shopping centers. There is an also discount promo at Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant. If you wonder about what kind of ice cream that is sold at Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant? Is it delicious or not this Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant? Let’s find out in this article.

Know More About Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant turned out to be an ice cream company from Illinois, in the United States. Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant has been operating in Illinois since 1940, of course, it’s been a long time before Indonesia itself became an independent country. Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant’s experience in serving frozen dishes like ice cream which has certainly been tested for approximately 60 years. Many people dqfansurvey don’t know since when Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant was in Indonesia. Many people also paid little attention to it even though the Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant store is quite spacious for the size of the ice cream shop.

Until now Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant can be found in famous malls in Jakarta, in Surabaya, in Bali and also Bandung. Those malls such Puri Indah Mall on 2nd Floor, Central Park on Lower Ground, Grand Indonesia on 3rd Floor, and Grand Indonesia West Mall on 5th Floor. Besides that, you can also find this Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant in Pondok Indah Mall-1 on Area 51 Food-Court, Gandaria City on Lower Ground, Kota Kasablanka on UG Floor, Emporium-Mall Pluit on 5th Floor, Mall Kelapa Gading 3 on 3rd Floor Food-Temptation, and Summarecon-Mall Serpong 1 on Ground Floor. You can also find this Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant in La Piazza Kelapa-Gading on Alfresco Area, Paris Van Java or PVJ on Lower Ground, Trans Studio Mall-Bandung on 1st Floor, Tunjungan Plaza-III on Lower Ground Unit 80 till 81 and also Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant in Beach walk Kuta Bali.

Blizzard As Recommended Ice Cream

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant’s recommended menu is Blizzard. Blizzard is a typical Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant ice cream variant which is a mixture of various flavors of ice cream with sprinkled with various toppings. Those toppings are in the form of cakes, candies or brownies. Blizzard is served in a glass given in reverse to the customer to show that Blizzard’s ice cream is so frozen. Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant also want to show dqfansurvey that the Blizzard ice cream won’t spill even though it is turned over. Blizzard comes in various flavors depending on the composition of the mixture of ice cream and toppings used.

Blizzard variants include Mint Oreo variant, Chocolate X’treme variant, Peanut Butter variant, Nutella Brownie variant, Nutella Banana variant, Nutella Waffle-Crisp variant, and others. Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant allowed costumer to add the Blizzard toppings we ordered. The additional toppings are also various, ranging from strawberry, beans, and M&M chocolate. Blizzard deserves to be Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant’s recommended menu because Blizzard is quite thick, cold and not too sweet. If you’re not a fan of ice cream, you can be just quite satisfied with Blizzard’s ice cream flavor.

Other Dairy Queen Menus

Besides Blizzard, Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant also serves other cold menus such as Chocolate Dipped Cone menu, Banana Split menu, Moolatte menu, Oreo Earthquake menu, Shakes, and others. Chocolate and strawberry flavored shakes are so delicious, this shake contains many kinds of milk, cream and it feels good to cool the thirsty throat. Dipped Cone is milk ice cream which on top of a cone wrapped in chocolate. It’s only owned by Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant, the layer of chocolate is thicker and the milk tastes better. Banana Split is bananas which are mixed with ice cream. The Earthquake Oreo is also delicious, ice cream is mixed with Oreo and also brownies, but Blizzard still tastes better.

Meanwhile Moolatte is a super cold frozen coffee drink but unfortunately, it’s a bit too sweet for some people. Even though Moolatte’s overall flavor is still good, some dqfansurvey people not always enjoy this super cold coffee as soft as this. Moolatte comes in various flavors like caramel flavor, mocha flavor, green tea flavor, cappuccino flavor, and others. In addition to cold and icy dishes, Dairy Queen Ice Cream Restaurant also serves dishes that are not cold like Hot Dogs. The Hot Dog has 3 flavors, cheese flavor, pepperoni flavor, and chili melt Chicago flavor.

Delicious Pizza Hut Menu

If you talk about Pizza Hut, then it will not go anywhere but about the delicious taste of pizza that melts the tongue of all who enjoy it. Especially if you add mozzarella cheese which has become a special ingredient to make this super delicious fast food. In Indonesia, Pizza Hut itself is included as luxury restaurants that are generally visited by the middle to upper class. But not always people who are middle to lower does not mean cannot enjoy it. Because Pizza Hut not only serves the food menu at an expensive price but also an available menu with low prices. All of Pizza Hut’s menus provide special taste and enjoyment that only Pizza Hut has.

Choose Pizza Hut Menu As You Wish

Pizza Hut itself sometimes also holds promo for certain packages or menus. So for those of you who want to try Pizza Hut but don’t have enough money, you can use that promo. You just have to wait and update information from Pizza Hut Indonesia about promos and discount the price. Many big cities used as a market target by Pizza Hut.

For those of you who want to order a Pizza Hut package, you can choose Pizza menu choices which are for the choice of topping and Pizza type you want. You can just ask PHD for more complete details and price if you want Pizza Hut Delivery don’t hesitate to call PHD telephone number as follows.

You can ask for a list of the latest menu prices, the latest packages, this month’s promo, and other questions that you think are still in doubt. The customer service will be ready to serve you while still in opening hours. Pizza Hut menus are very varied, not just only Pizza but also other available menus such chicken, Rice Package, Desert, Pasta, and various Drinks list that you can find on the Pizza Hut Menu List. Don’t you hesitate to ask all you want to know about Pizza Hut.

For those of you who want to order Big Box, there are 2 different types of packages such as Super Supreme, Cheese Burger, Stuffed Crust, Crown Crust, and many more. Those packages available for 2 people and also 4 people. This Big Box menu price is quite high but very suitable and in accordance with the food served. You can choose as you wish at Pizza Hut menu list options. For those of you who want the Big Box package, you can contact Pizza Hut Delivery directly.

There are other menus which added to complement this Big Box starting from additional cheese sauce, dessert, and also other cakes that add special enjoyment to this Big Box package. Two levels are a more complete of course which is this Big Box slogan.

For the box above, there are pizza hut menus that you can adjust the taste with your favorite toppings and you want drink coffee with favourite menu at Starbucks. Then the bottom box consists of special sauce and cheese plus 4 other menus, suitable for those of you who want to eat together with friends.

Delicious Pizza From Domino Pizza

Pizza is a food made from flour with toping and comes from Italy. However, the pizza itself is now well known throughout the world. Domino Pizza is one of favorite Pizza Restaurant brand which it became famous for its service and is known as “Pizza Delivery Experts”. Various types of pizzas with various toppings that you can order through Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant such as Corn Beef Pizza, Meat and Meat, Chicken Lovers, Meatzza and many other menus. For those of you who want to try pizza from Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant, then please use their 30-minute delivery service by contacting the delivery service at 500-366. Or you can also visit the official Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant website at and place an order there. You can also track the status of your Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant order.

Various Domino Pizza Menus

These are a various menu from Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant:

  • Pizza Favorite Dish Corn Beef, made from Beef Crumble, Green Peppers, Corn, and mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp. 22,000.
  • Meat ‘N Meat, made from Beef Pepperoni, Tomato Sauce, Smoked Beef, Sauce, Dried Parsley, and Mozzarella Cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp. 22,000
  • BBQ Sprinkle Turkey, made from the sauce, Turkey Pastrami, Turkey Paprika Lyoner, Turkey Blerschinken, Dried Parsley, and mozzarella cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp. 22,000.
  • Beef Rasher, made from Beef Rasher, garlic, tomato sauce, Green Pepper, and mozzarella cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp. 22,000.
  • Regular Hot-Beef Pep-Feast Pizza, made from tomato sauce, Jalapenos, Beef Pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp61.000

Hawaiian Menu

There is Hawaiian Menu from Domino Pizza:

  • Hawaiian Chicken, made from tomato sauce, Marinated Chicken, Pineapple, and mozzarella cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp61.000
  • Hawaiian Turkey, made from Mix Turkey, pineapple, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp61.000
  • Another menu is Shrimp Mayo, made from Rustic sauce, Green Peppers, Rasher of Beef, garlic, and also mozzarella cheese, Mayonnaise. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp65.000
  • Veggie Mania, made from tomato sauce, garlic, Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Corns, Black Olives, Dried Parsley, Tomato Dice and mozzarella cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp61.000
  • Chicken BBQ, made from Onion, sauce, garlic, Marinated Chicken, cheddar cheese, and Mozarella Cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp61.000
  • Feast Beef Pepperoni, made from Beef Pepperoni, tomato sauce, Mozzarella Cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp. 61,000
  • Chicken Lovers Premium Pizza, made from tomato sauce, Pepperoni Chicken, Chicken Rashers, Chicken Sausages, Marinated Chickens, Cheesy Bites, and mozzarella cheese, Dried Parsleys. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp64.000
  • Meatzza, made from tomato sauce, Crumble Beef, Beef Pepperonis, Beef Sausages, Beef Rashers, Marinated Chickens, and mozzarella cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp64.000
  • BBQ Beef Mushroom, made from the sauce, Beef Crumbles, Mushroom, and mozzarella cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp. 64,000
  • Cheese Mania, made from Tomato Cheese, Dried Parsley, cheddar cheese, and mozzarella cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp64.000
  • Extravaganza, made from tomato sauce, Crumble Beef, Green Peppers, Pepperonis Beef, garlic, Mushroom, Black Olives, and mozzarella Cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp64.000
  • All Star American, made from tomato sauce, Crumble Beef, Mustard, garlic, Beef Pepperonis, Beef Rashers, Jalapenos, mozzarella-cheese and also cheddar cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp64.000

Cheese Burger Menu

  • Cheeseburger [American Classic], made from tomato sauce, Crumble Beef, Mustard, garlic, Beef Rashers, Tomato, mozzarella cheese and also cheddar cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp64.000
  • Pizza Double decker [Cheeseburger American-Classic], made from tomato sauce, garlic, Mustard, Beef Crumbles, Beef Rashers, Tomato, liquid cheese, mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp114.000
  • Pepper Beef, made from Blackpepper delicious sauce, Green and Red Peppers, garlic, Blackpepper beef, Liquid Cheese, mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp114.000
  • Feast Beef-Pepperoni, made from tomato sauce, liquid cheese, Beef Pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp104.000
  • Chicken Tasty Spicy, made from Rustic sauce, Marinated Chicken, Red Peppers, garlic, Liquid Cheese, mozzarella cheese and also cheddar cheese. This Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price is Rp114.000

To order Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu online, you can directly call at telephone number: 500-366. Make sure the Domino Pizza Fast Food Restaurant menu price has been known by you before ordered.

Starbucks Favorite Menu

How nice it is to drink a cup of coffee if enjoyed while chatting with friends, especially if the coffee is made by an expert barista. It certainly makes you feel at home although you hanging out in the coffee shop. Lately, the coffee shop has become a favorite place and cozy for a moment to unwind, hang out with friends, or take a break. Well, talking about the coffee shop is definitely familiar with Starbucks Coffee Cafe. This Starbucks Coffee Cafe shop is already familiar to be a great place to hang out because the atmosphere is cozy. Not only that, but surely the Starbucks Coffee Cafe menus are also delicious and really good, especially for you coffee lovers.

Recommended Starbucks Coffee

Well, from the many menus on Starbucks Coffee Cafe, there are some favorite menus on Starbucks Coffee Cafe that are recommended for some people. If you curious about those Starbucks Coffee Cafe menu, here is the favorite menu at Starbucks Coffee Cafe that you must try.

  1. Caramel Frappuccino

The mixture of coffee, caramel syrup, milk, ice, and whipped cream topping really blends, of course, this is the right combination for the daylight time. The favorite menu at Starbucks Coffee Cafe is indeed good at making coffee lovers feel at home for a long time hanging out. Caramel frappucino is available in the form of a glass bottle. So besides you can feel the delicacy of this drink, you can also keep the bottle at home.

  1. Caramel Macchiato

For you coffee lovers, Caramel Macchiato is also recommended for you to test it. This favorite menu at Starbucks Coffee Cafe can be served hot or cold. It feels so right, espresso mixed with vanilla syrup, foam topping, and caramel syrup. That combination makes this drink not too bitter or too sweet also soft on the tongue. Just perfect for a cold gloomy day.

  1. GreenTea Latte

The favorite menu at Starbucks Coffee Cafe Restaurant is a mandatory menu for most women. Most of them often order Green-Tea Latte ranging from tall to grande. The reason, Green Tea Latte can be used as a choice of healthy drinks for you. The benefits of this Starbucks Coffee Cafe menu is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols make this drink suitable for those of you who are running a diet program and skin beauty treatments. Lately, processed drinks in the form of matcha are increasingly rising. Besides being healthy, it’s also very tasty on the tongue. You are also free to choose according to taste, want to add sugar or not.

  1. Sea-Salt Frappuccino Caramel Mocha

Who doesn’t know about seasonal drinks at this one Starbucks Coffee Cafe Restaurant? Uniquely, this drink is only available during autumn, about the month of August to October. It feels really good, the taste of an espresso mixed with steamed milk mixed with mocha sauce and peanut syrup. Not only those, but this Starbucks Coffee Cafe menu also contains whipped cream, caramel sauce, and sea salt is indeed a kick in the mouth. Sweet and salty sensations combine together.

  1. Peppermint Mocha

Especially for the holiday season, Starbucks Coffee Cafe Restaurant also has a mainstay menu, namely Peppermint Mocha. The favorite menu at Starbucks Coffee Cafe Restaurant is no less delicious than other drinks. Mocha peppermint is made from a mixture of espresso, milk, chocolate, and mint, plus whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top. The fresh aroma of mint is ready to make the heat of the afternoon make you cool.

  1. Bootleg Brulee

This favorite menu at Starbucks Coffee Cafe Restaurant is more often served in hot conditions. An interesting combination of white mocha, peanut-flavored sugar syrup and the sensation of caramel syrup on top is indeed addictive. Bootleg Brulee is very suitable to be your hangout friend during cold weather or at night.

Chocolate Starbucks Menu

  1. Hazel Nut Signature Chocolate

Well for those of you who don’t really like the variety of coffee drinks, you can enjoy Hazelnut Signature Chocolate. You can order it according to taste, want to choose hot or cold. The soft and creamy texture of the combination of cocoa powder and cocoa butter is perfect for you who love chocolate. Especially if you add hazelnut syrup, just be a win-win flavor.

Confused about ordering drinks when coming to Starbucks Coffee Cafe Restaurant? Some of the favorite menus at Starbucks Coffee Cafe Restaurant can be used as references and recommended by you when you hang out with your friends. For those of you who don’t really like coffee, Starbucks Coffee Cafe Restaurant also provides various other menu choices that are certainly no less delicious. Just that the article which informs you about Starbucks Coffee Cafe. Hope you can enjoy all of that or some of those Starbucks Coffee Cafe menu which is so delicious. You can taste the delicious original coffee flavors in this Starbucks Coffee Cafe.

Recommended Delicious KFC’s Menu

KFC’s fried chicken is well known by its crunchy texture with a tasty savory spice dressing because of the perfect seasoning mixture which uses a secret recipe that is kept up to now. KFC’s Fried Chicken is fried in a certain heat and in a specified time so the crisp condition is right. Of course, that makes the taste of KFC’s fried chicken nothing to match. Even though it is identical to the menu of fried chicken, but KFC is not always just that menu or you want taste some pizza like recommended delicious pizza hut.

Menus of KFC Fast Food Restaurant

Many other delicious menus which are also satisfying many customers. Other KFC’s menus such burger menu, Fish Fillet menu, Bento menu, and other KFC’s menus. These are a list of KFC’s menu prices which does not include Regional Tax or Restaurant Tax of 10%. You can order delivery via KFC ONLINE web or just call 14022.

One of the favorite menus from KFC Fast Food Restaurant is menu KFC Combo :

  • Super Big (Super Besar ) 1, Crispy: price Rp30.909 and Original type with price Rp31.818
  • Super Big ( Super Besar ) 2, Crispy: price Rp43.636 and Original type with price Rp45.454
  • “Super Mantap” Crispy type with price Rp26,818 and Original type: with price Rp 26,818
  • Super Star, the Crispy type with price Rp 64.091 and Original type with price Rp 65,909
  • Super Triple Star, Crispy type: with price Rp 93.636 and Original type: with price Rp 95.455
  • Fish Bento Combo with price Rp 20.000

There is one of new KFC’s menu which unique, that menu is Chocochicks:

  • Chochicks Rice Combo, Crispy type: with price Rp 31.818
  • Chochicks Fries Combo, Crispy type: with price Rp 35.909

Besides Menu KFC Combo, there is also Chaki Kids Menu. This KFC’s Fast Food Restaurant menu is made for kids.

  • Chaki Kids Meal-1, Original/ Crispy type: with price Rp 30.000
  • Chaki Kids Meal-3, Original Burger: with price Rp 30.000
  • Chaki Kids Meal-4, Spaghetti, and Cheese: with price Rp 30.000

There is also menu KFC Box:

  • Chicken Box + Rice: with price Rp 34.091
  • Burger Box, Colonel Burger: with price Rp 34.091
  • Full Box, Spaghetti and Cheese: with price Rp 32.273
  • Signature Box, Hot Crispy type: with price Rp 32.273
  • Super Family, Crispy type: with price Rp 112,273 and Original type: with price Rp 116.818

There is also Bento in this KFC’s Fast Food Restaurant menu:

  • Bento Black Pepper: Rp14.091
  • Fish Bento: Rp17.273
  • Bento Barbeque: Rp14.091

How To Order KFC’s Menu

Of course, all of the KFC’s Fast Food Restaurant menu is so delicious and make you want to eat it more and more. You will be very satisfied when you enjoy those KFC’s Fast Food Restaurant menu. If you want to order that menu from KFC’s Fast Food Restaurant you can order through the KFC’s Fast Food Restaurant website. You can just go to the website or Then you can click online order, register your personal data and the KFC menu that you selected. Then, your order will be delivered immediately, anytime and anywhere. Besides that, you can just call KFC’s Fast Food Restaurant number which is 14022. If you want it faster, you can choose this KFC’s Fast Food Restaurant service. With the access of 24 hours and 7 days a week, you can order a variety of delicious KFC menus, anytime and anywhere too.