Eat at The Best Mexican Restaurant in the World!

Do you know? I have felt in love with Mexican Cuisines since I was ten years old. Even, I am not the Mexican Residence or even have ever visited that country. I just stay in California, the United States. But, do you know? My house is located just around ten steps into Chipotle Restaurant that is located in 1840 Herndon Ave, Clovis, CA 93611. So, you can imagine that I have been experienced to eat at that place and it was the reason why I love this kind of meal so much. Actually, I have ever visited almost all Mexican Restaurant in my states. And honestly, all of the meals are awesome. Of course, it is because I am basically falling in love with all kind of Mexican meals.

But, do you know? Only one Mexican Restaurant that makes me coming back again and again. And, that is Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurant. I can say that it is such as my close neighbor as it has accompanied me for a couple of years. So, Guys! This day, I dedicate myself to tell you about Chipotle and give you the special details about this restaurant. Somehow, it can be your references to choose the place for your lunch, dinner or even any special moments. For your information, Chipotle Catering Services is great because it is delicious, fast, beautiful appearances and also affordable. So, please stay tuned and enjoy it!

The Overview of Chipotle

Alright, the main thing that you need to know is about the general overview about this restaurant. Just so you know, it is the kind of American Chain of Fast Casual Restaurant. It has operated the store in almost 50 states of the US, in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France and Mexico as well. It was founded on July 13, 1993 in Denver, Colorado, the United States. The founder is Steve Ells and now it is mainly held by Brian Niccol as the CEO since March 5, 2018. The headquarter office is located in Newport Beach, California while this office serves any occupations related with the Franchising System, Corporate News Media, and the mainly operation system.

Chipotle Restaurant Reviews
Chipotle Restaurant Reviews

In line with the name, Chipotle comes from the word Nahuatl name which it means as Smoked and dried Jalapeno Chili Pepper. In general, this restaurant serves the various Tacos and Mission-Style Burritos Recipes. This restaurant becomes one of the successful Mexican Grill Restaurants in the United States and even in the world. It has operated in over than 2,250 locations and worked with more than 64,570 people on those locations and head office. Indeed, it has some subsidiaries such as Pizzeria Locale, ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, and Tasty Made. In the last 2016, it keeps the total assets into US$2.026 Billion even it is increase regularly in every year.

What makes me Love Chipotle?

Well, there are some reasons why I love this restaurant so much. I have listed this reason because I have compared it with for over than 20 Chipotle Locations in the United States and also with the other Mexican Grill Restaurant in my country. Even you don’t agree with it, I am very appreciated if you share your point of views or even your personal experience by leaving the comments below on this page. And Anyway, here the reasons why I love this restaurant so much, those are:

  • The Friendly Services

First of all, you have to believe in that the great service is the main reason why the customers prefer to return. Even you serve the most delicious products or meals but you don’t give attention with how the employee serves the customers, it will not make any senses. Then, Chipotle Employee Services are perfectly awesome. All of staffs are friendly, fast, helpful and treat me like we are a sister or brother. Even I don’t know about some new recipes, they will never argue to explain it to me. Indeed, when I am on my dieting progam then I request for some kind of food production, they are welcomed me and give me what I want. It was awesome!

  • Delicious Meals

Of course, the second reason comes from the meal’s quality. Once I taste Chipotle Burrito, I feel like my soul melting and it is the great meal ever, I think. Even, all of the Chipotle Meals are delicious, fresh ingredients, clean production and interesting appearances as well.

  • Clean Store

After that, you can find the Chipotle Restaurants are clean. The employees are ready and fast to clean the rubbish or even clean all spots in the restaurant. You can find all of sides of the store are clean, fragrant, and fresh as well. Just so you know, some locations may offer you two kinds of seat. It is indoor and outdoor. Of course, when you cannot smell the smoke, you can choose the indoor seat to get the fresh AC without any smokes. But, when you need to get the fresh air while looking around outside the restaurant, the outdoor services can be a good solution.

  • The Various Hours of Operation

For me, Chipotle Hours of Operation is awesome. When I live alone then I don’t have the enough time to cook for my breakfast or lunch, Chipotle Restaurant serves me the great breakfast menu. Just so you know, it usually starts the operation from the breakfast hours and close it until the Midnight. Furthermore, some locations can open it for 24 hours of operation. It was awesome.

  • Affordable Price

And then, almost all of Chipotle Menu is served with the fresh ingredients without any addictive ingredients. So, it is healthy. In my opinion, the price will be very reasonable with the meals as you can get the nutritional benefits in each meals. It will be worth. To get the lists of Chipotle Menu and Prices, you can visit its official website at or even install its mobile applications from Google Play Store or App Store.

  • Fast-Response

For the rest, Chipotle Teams will respond to every complaint, suggestions or even the customer’s reviews. Even you get the bad services, you have no longer worries to share it to them and they will directly give its response and revision. Indeed, you can take part in Chipotle Survey and win the instant reward involved. To get the survey guidelines, you can visit My Subway Card Portal as it is the awesome customer survey website.

So, Guys! It is about my best Mexican Restaurant in the United States. If you have the other point of view, please share it below this page. See you!