Practical Tips for Dining in Fancy Restaurants

Have you ever attended an event at a fancy restaurant? If you’ve ever eaten in a fancy restaurant, maybe you have knowledge about the ethics of eating. Luxury restaurants are identic with an elegant room design. Then you will get excellent service from employees. There you can feel the formal and magnificent atmosphere. Usually, a luxury restaurant is a destination when you want to communicate with your family. The following are some suitable events held in a fancy restaurant.

  1. Wedding Party. Here they can hold a standing party. Thus you should not look for a chair. Adjust yourself to other invited guests.
  2. Family Gathering Company. This event is usually limited to company employees and sponsors. This event has a formal theme.
  3. Strengthen communication with family and business partners. Mealtime is a good moment to communicate with your family or colleagues. because when they enjoy the food they will be more relaxed. The food can make the mood of your family members and friends better.

The atmosphere and way of communicating in fancy restaurants are different from those in fast food restaurants or cafes. Here you need to pay attention to your ethics. If you have never eaten in a fancy restaurant, you should read our tips. So you can avoid mistakes that make you embarrassed. Eat in a fancy restaurant, who’s afraid!

fancy restaurant
fancy restaurant

Tips for the successful fancy dining

If you want to eat in a fancy restaurant, find out what you have to do. Because this restaurant has a different concept than other eating places. Usually, you can immediately order menus when visiting. But in fancy restaurants, they have a different system. You need to pay attention to ethics when eating and how to order menus etc. If you have good knowledge, then you can avoid mistakes. Here are some tips that can help you eat comfortably in a fancy restaurant.

  1. You need to find out about the restaurants you will visit. Here you can do a simple search through their website. Take advantage of Google or Mozilla’s information search software. Next, you need to enter a keyword in the form of a restaurant name. The information you need to know is about their concept and menus. Then find out about the menu you want to order. It’s better if you already know the price of these foods. Finally, you need to know the working hours at the restaurant.
  2. Make a reservation at the restaurant you want to visit. Luxury restaurants pay attention to consumer comfort. Usually, they limit the number of visitors to maintain comfort while enjoying a meal. Remember, on special moments like the new year, maybe the restaurant accepts many reservations. So you need to make a reservation in the previous month.
  3. Use the right dress code. When you have dinner at a fancy restaurant, wear formal or semi-formal clothes. Examples of formal attire for women are dresses. While formal wear for men is a suit or formal shirt.
  4. You must arrive on time. Previously we explained that you need to make a reservation. When you make a reservation you must specify the date and time of arrival at the restaurant. If you arrive late, usually the restaurant can cancel your order. Of course, you don’t want to experience this disappointment. But there are ways to avoid this incident. You can contact the restaurant in advance about your delay.
  5. Next, you need to confirm at the reception desk when you arrive at the restaurant. then they will ask for the name of your order. Furthermore, the clerk will show the table that you ordered.
  6. Be relaxed and don’t get tense. Maybe this is your first experience visiting a fancy restaurant. But you should remain relaxed and calm. At a glance, you can observe people around you. Pay attention to your sitting position while in the restaurant. So you have to sit upright. You must not bend to the dining table or raise your feet.
  7. Take a napkin on the table and place the napkin on your lap. So you will see napkins on your dining table. Usually, the waiter will help you put the napkin on your lap. If you feel uncomfortable, you can do it yourself.
  8. You need to order the Appetizer, Main Course and Dessert menus. There you can enjoy a full meal. Starting from appetizers that increase your appetite. Then play the course that makes you full. Finally, you can order desserts that can neutralize the taste in your mouth. They will present the menu in sequence and alternately.
  9. Enjoy a complete meal while waiting for your order to be ready. Here you can enjoy bread with butter.
  10. Use cutlery from the outermost position first. Here you need to pay attention to eating ethics. They provide cutlery on your dining table. Use the tool with the outermost position first. Because they provide cutlery according to the order of the dishes you ordered. There are several rules you need to pay attention when eating in the fancy restaurant.
  • You need to talk with the person next to you.
  • Do not make noise while eating. You should not make noise from your eating utensils or mouth. because it can disturb the comfort your eating friend.
  • Don’t tidy up your makeup and hair at the dining table. You need permission to go to the toilet first.
  1. What about when you finish enjoying a meal? Yes right, you need to wave to the waiter. Thus they will bring you proof of transaction. Make a payment according to the amount in the receipt. Then you need to enter the service fee in your payment. Make sure you know the policies in the restaurant.

The above description is a tip that can make it easier for you to eat at a fancy restaurant. If you feel difficult, don’t hesitate to ask for help from the waiter. You don’t need to worry about making mistakes as long as you pay attention to our tips. Enjoy a meal at a fancy restaurant. Find out other interesting tips only at