Starbucks Favorite Menu

How nice it is to drink a cup of coffee if enjoyed while chatting with friends, especially if the coffee is made by an expert barista. It certainly makes you feel at home although you hanging out in the coffee shop. Lately, the coffee shop has become a favorite place and cozy for a moment to unwind, hang out with friends, or take a break. Well, talking about the coffee shop is definitely familiar with Starbucks Coffee Cafe. This Starbucks Coffee Cafe shop is already familiar to be a great place to hang out because the atmosphere is cozy. Not only that, but surely the Starbucks Coffee Cafe menus are also delicious and really good, especially for you coffee lovers.

Recommended Starbucks Coffee

Well, from the many menus on Starbucks Coffee Cafe, there are some favorite menus on Starbucks Coffee Cafe that are recommended for some people. If you curious about those Starbucks Coffee Cafe menu, here is the favorite menu at Starbucks Coffee Cafe that you must try.

  1. Caramel Frappuccino

The mixture of coffee, caramel syrup, milk, ice, and whipped cream topping really blends, of course, this is the right combination for the daylight time. The favorite menu at Starbucks Coffee Cafe is indeed good at making coffee lovers feel at home for a long time hanging out. Caramel frappucino is available in the form of a glass bottle. So besides you can feel the delicacy of this drink, you can also keep the bottle at home.

  1. Caramel Macchiato

For you coffee lovers, Caramel Macchiato is also recommended for you to test it. This favorite menu at Starbucks Coffee Cafe can be served hot or cold. It feels so right, espresso mixed with vanilla syrup, foam topping, and caramel syrup. That combination makes this drink not too bitter or too sweet also soft on the tongue. Just perfect for a cold gloomy day.

  1. GreenTea Latte

The favorite menu at Starbucks Coffee Cafe Restaurant is a mandatory menu for most women. Most of them often order Green-Tea Latte ranging from tall to grande. The reason, Green Tea Latte can be used as a choice of healthy drinks for you. The benefits of this Starbucks Coffee Cafe menu is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols make this drink suitable for those of you who are running a diet program and skin beauty treatments. Lately, processed drinks in the form of matcha are increasingly rising. Besides being healthy, it’s also very tasty on the tongue. You are also free to choose according to taste, want to add sugar or not.

  1. Sea-Salt Frappuccino Caramel Mocha

Who doesn’t know about seasonal drinks at this one Starbucks Coffee Cafe Restaurant? Uniquely, this drink is only available during autumn, about the month of August to October. It feels really good, the taste of an espresso mixed with steamed milk mixed with mocha sauce and peanut syrup. Not only those, but this Starbucks Coffee Cafe menu also contains whipped cream, caramel sauce, and sea salt is indeed a kick in the mouth. Sweet and salty sensations combine together.

  1. Peppermint Mocha

Especially for the holiday season, Starbucks Coffee Cafe Restaurant also has a mainstay menu, namely Peppermint Mocha. The favorite menu at Starbucks Coffee Cafe Restaurant is no less delicious than other drinks. Mocha peppermint is made from a mixture of espresso, milk, chocolate, and mint, plus whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top. The fresh aroma of mint is ready to make the heat of the afternoon make you cool.

  1. Bootleg Brulee

This favorite menu at Starbucks Coffee Cafe Restaurant is more often served in hot conditions. An interesting combination of white mocha, peanut-flavored sugar syrup and the sensation of caramel syrup on top is indeed addictive. Bootleg Brulee is very suitable to be your hangout friend during cold weather or at night.

Chocolate Starbucks Menu

  1. Hazel Nut Signature Chocolate

Well for those of you who don’t really like the variety of coffee drinks, you can enjoy Hazelnut Signature Chocolate. You can order it according to taste, want to choose hot or cold. The soft and creamy texture of the combination of cocoa powder and cocoa butter is perfect for you who love chocolate. Especially if you add hazelnut syrup, just be a win-win flavor.

Confused about ordering drinks when coming to Starbucks Coffee Cafe Restaurant? Some of the favorite menus at Starbucks Coffee Cafe Restaurant can be used as references and recommended by you when you hang out with your friends. For those of you who don’t really like coffee, Starbucks Coffee Cafe Restaurant also provides various other menu choices that are certainly no less delicious. Just that the article which informs you about Starbucks Coffee Cafe. Hope you can enjoy all of that or some of those Starbucks Coffee Cafe menu which is so delicious. You can taste the delicious original coffee flavors in this Starbucks Coffee Cafe.