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Passover Letter from Rabbi Glick


April 12, 2024

Dear Friends,

At our Seders we sing Avadim Hayinu Ve’Ata B’nai Chorin, “We were slaves and now we are free.” Most Passovers, we do not think about the words. It is just a song.

But these past 6 months since October 7th we have been reminded how blessed it is to be free. We no longer take for granted the freedom to worship, the freedom to express our Jewish life and identity, and the simple freedom of being physically safe.

The ancient words of the Haggadah compel us to keep fighting for our freedom and for the freedom of all peoples.

Passover is also about our Jewish faith that in every generation, as the Haggadah says in Ve’hi She’Amdah, “And the Holy One Blessed Be will deliver us from their hands.”

I expect that many of us will bring the situation in Israel into our sedarim.

I wanted to bring to your attention materials on the hostages for your seders.

Here are supplements that provide texts and ideas for all of the steps of the evening: https://everyonecounts.live/resources/bringing-the-hostages-to-your-seder-seder-supplement/

If you would like to order an entire Haggadah focused on the hostages, the organization “bring them home now” has just realized a version that includes commentary and the traditional text. Please go here: https://solidarity.bringthemhomenow.net/product-page/donate-100-and-get-5-passover-haggadah.

May we and all of Israel experience a new freedom this Pesach.

Please be sure to join us for 2nd night Seder and a Friday night Musical Shabbat with a kosher for Passover Friday night meal on April 26th.

Chag Kasher ve’Sameach,

Rabbi Adir Glick