April 24, 2024 | Announcements

Passover Prayer from Israel

Dear Friends,

In a few hours we will sit together at our sedarim and relive the Exodus and the journey to freedom of our ancestors.

This year we do not have to go far to see that freedom is under assault. Our freedom to live as Jews. The freedom of Israelis to live a normal life in their land. The freedom of ordinary Gazans who are undergoing much suffering. The freedom in many parts of our world not to be bound by lies and to choose what you live by. The freedom from hatred. This year, we are especially thinking of freedom for the hostages.

Here is a prayer by the Chief Rabbi of Israel that he composed for the hostages:

May it be the will of our Father in Heaven
Who brought His people Israel out from the suffering of Egypt
that He bless and save our abducted brothers and sisters,
bound with iron chains.
May He strengthen their souls and faith,
Protect them from all harm and disease,
Have mercy on His sons and daughters awaiting His salvation,
Nullify all cruel decrees from upon them.
In His great kindness, may He hasten their redemption and may
they quickly emerge from darkness to light,
and from the pit of captivity to the freedom of the world,
and return in peace to their families and to their homes.
Please, plant brotherhood, peace and friendship in the hearts of all,
Remove envy and baseless hatred and spread over us the Sukkah
of Your peace,
And may we merit to soon sing before You a ‘New Song.’

Here are the words in Hebrew:

Chag Sameach,
Rabbi Glick