May 30, 2024 | Har Zion Herald

Special Study Opportunities! And Fun, too — June/July Har Zion Herald

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With the holiday of Shavuot coming up, Education Director David Schwartz wonders “When is Shavuot?” You will also find the full schedule for Har Zion’s Shavuot studies, programs, and services, as well as the Shavuot programs we share with Oak Park Temple.

We have two Scholars-in-Residence coming this summer with Cantor (and engineer) Matan Meital and Rabbi Elie Kaplan Spitz. And also there are two additional learning opportunities during kiddush, presented by Har Zion’s David Schwartz and by Rabbi Mirelman.

On an important topic, President Mike Weinstein speaks on antisemitism on college campuses, with a personal experience and a link to an open letter in response, signed by over 600 Jewish students from Columbia.

And there is also fun, including how to nurture and even grow Monarch butterflies!