How to Help Israel

Israel needs our help in many ways—please consider these.

(1) Please consider giving to the JUF Israel Emergency Fund. All contributions go directly to projects in Israel. Click here to donate.

(2) Click here for a fundraiser organized by Alexander Muss High School Students for Israelis Impacted by Operation Swords of Iron, working to help Israeli communities impacted by the situation.

(3) Magen David Adom is always at the forefront of responding to crisis situations. To support them click here.

(4) The leaders of the protest movement have switched gears to help the situation in a myriad of ways. One of their organizations, Brothers and Sisters for Israel, has become the largest civic aid organization in Israel. Click here to donate.

(5) Click here to donate to a fundraiser to rebuild Kfar Azza, one of the communities decimated in the October 7th attacks.

(6) The New Israel Fund has established an Emergency Safety Net to provide support for ongoing efforts to meet the needs of this devasting time. Click here to donate.

(7) Leket is providing food and other essentials for the residents of the South; click here.

(8) JNF, also providing basics to South and to first responders has a special fund for their Volunteer Fire Fighter Program; click here.

(9)  A friend of our community, Guy Bitton, set up a fundraiser to provide humanitarian help for families in the South; click here.

(10) We are always grateful for donations to support programming here at the Temple. Click here to donate.