March 6, 2024 | Har Zion Herald

Purim, Challah, and Dinosaurs — Har Zion Herald, March, 2024

Purim is coming up, and it’s special this year because Erev Purim and Purim are on a weekend—Saturday evening, March 23, and Sunday, March 24. This inspired us to hold an adult Purim Party on Saturday, complete with a live Purim spiel, in addition to our Annual Purim Carnival on Sunday. It has also inspired Rabbi Glick to ponder the Purim spiel. Our list of Har Zion officers is filled in for the year; it’s on the front cover. The first installment of “Building Your Jewish Toolkit” is about making challah, and you’ll braid your own mini-challah at it. And, oh, yes, Education Director David Schwartz reflects on  “Mezuzahs and Dinosaurs.” And more.

Har Zion Herald, March 2024